Iron-ons vs Tag-mates™

Mabel’s Labels – Labels for the stuff kids lose!® clothing labels withstand the wear and tear of laundry and children beautifully! But should you get iron-ons or tag-mates?


Iron-ons are the classic choice for clothing labels.Tag-Mates™ are ideal for quick labeling – no iron necessary!
Size (approx)
46mm x 12mm
(1-3/4" x 1/2")
21mm x 10mm
(13/16" x 3/8")
clothing label

(In contrast to the above photo, iron-on labels are currently manufactured with rounded corners.)

Method of application
ironing onto fabric
stick to clothing labels
Time to apply
3-5 minutes
5-10 seconds
Withstands washer and dryer. If label begins to peel, can reapply with iron. (Following original application instructions.)
Withstands washer and dryer.
Ease of removal
Many people are able to just pull them off by picking at a corner that has come loose over time. By design, however, the iron-on label ever so slightly melts to adhere to the fabric.With a little effort, comes off cleanly. (Clothing in this case had been through numerous cold water washes and regular dryer cycles.)
Text size
The identical text will always appear larger on the iron-ons than the tag-mates.
It is possible to have larger text-size on tag-mates if you order the labels without an icon.
Fabric must withstand the heat of an iron.
Clothing item must have a clothing tag. (Many tops are now made without tags.)
Can be used on clothing, whether or not a tag is present.
Quick and easy to apply. Can be used on non-clothing items.
- Double your iron-ons!
- Removing iron-ons
- Help! I've got more than one child!

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